December 04 2019
The Incite Team

2019 Incite Gift Guide

December 04 2019
The Incite Team

Happy holidays! 

In the spirit of the season, we have put together the INCITE GIFT GUIDE to highlight some of our favorite things to give (and receive!). Not only are the products interesting, fresh and delightful, but the people who make them do so with the end goal of making the world a better place. 

We’re excited to share these gifts with you. 

Cheers to a time of remembrance, reflection and hope,

The Incite Team




The world’s first entirely biodegradable water bottle. Yes, you read that right. You can stay hydrated and save the planet. Cove is launching at the end of 2019 – stay updated here




For the omnivores in your life, there’s Crowd Cow. You can shop by farm, from Gold Beach, OR to Kagoshima Farms, Japan to King Island, Tasmania and more! Treat your loved one to a high-quality, thoughtfully-sourced and, above all, delicious gift. Raising high-quality beef in a sustainable way is both time-consuming and expensive. Crowd Cow puts an end to mystery meat as the only brand in the world that provides direct access to small, independent raches with the greatest level of transparency available anywhere. 



Skybaron is a collaborative platform, marketplace and brand for new products made with captured and recycled carbon. Combining carbon upcycling recycled carbon material with impeccable design and craftsmanship of design studios, Skybaron’s collection of products is sleek, minimalist and incredibly cool.



Wear your heart on your sleeve with us! We proudly rock our Rules of the Road Tees...and one particular Airedale Terrier has been spotted running around the Incite office with a BOOT-EDGE-EDGE bandana. We couldn’t be more thrilled that our friend Pete is running for President. Want to learn more about what we’re doing to #WintheEra? Check it out here



One of our favorite B CorpsKEAP was born from a philosophical question: in an always-on world, how can we reconnect with ourselves and restore our balance with nature? KEAP makes better candles: masterfully scented, 100% plastic free packaging and sustainable coconut wax.



Meet the electric Rev Scooter, an all-new product by Boosted Board, and our favorite way to get around town. It’s fast with a top speed of 24mph and strong with a range of up to 22 miles. And yes, the Rev Scooter can even handle the rolling sidewalk hills of San Francisco.




History says fine jewelry for occasions, the team at Mejuri says fine jewelry for every day and we heartily agree. Mejuri crafts pieces without traditional markups, with new, limited-edition drops every Monday of the year. Handcrafted like the olden days, but designed for the golden days ahead.




Not only do we like to help empower and train up the next generation of Progressives, but we also like to rep’ the people making that empowerment and training happen. Grab a t-shirt or baseball cap here!

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