July 16 2019
Matt Rogers

"MY CLIMATE JOURNEY": Matt Rogers Interview by Jason Jacobs

July 16 2019
Matt Rogers

Our very own Matt Rogers was the guest on Jason Jacobs's refreshingly candid podcast, "MY CLIMATE JOURNEY." 


We are big fans of Jason, his questions and his thoughtfulness. The conversation between Matt and Jason inspired, uplifted and empowered us to be better. And we are thrilled to share their insights with you! 


Check out Episode 19 on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. It's worth a listen. Trust us. 




July 15, 2019

Jason Jacobs

Today’s guest is Matt Rogers, the co-founder of Nest and now Incite turns big ideas to improve the world into big deals. They offer early money & support for changemakers through Incite Labs, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that makes grants and program-related investments to further charitable, educational, and scientific purposes, Incite Ventures, an investment fund that supports mission-driven enterprises through investments in businesses with the potential to scale, inspire others, and make a difference, and Incite Politics, the name of the work of Incite’s founders, Matt and Swati, to personally organize and support initiatives to pass legislation and elect candidates who approach our country’s issues from a fresh perspective.
Matt is a builder at heart. He started at Apple, building the software team for 10 generations of the iPod. He was one of the first engineers on the original iPhone and involved in the development of 5 iPhone generations, and the first iPad.
As co-founder of Nest, Matt built the team that built the first machine learning thermostat. And by doing so, has built the leading connected home brand — Nest.
Matt is a Star Wars enthusiast and can often be spotted playing with his Airedale terrier friend, Bingley.
In this episode we discuss:
  • Matt’s time at Apple where he worked on the iPod, iPhone, and iPad
  • The aha moment that led to Matt leaving Apple and founding Nest with Tony Fadell
  • How Matt blended product and mission at Nest, which helped lead to it’s 3.2B acquisition by Google
  • Matt’s time post Google acquisition and what led him and his wife Swati to founding
  • The work Matt and his wife Swati are doing at Incite in startups, government, philanthropy, and politics
  • Matt’s personal views on climate change and his expectations of those who have achieved success
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