February 23 2022
Team Incite

Our latest climate investments

February 23 2022
Team Incite

February 23, 2022
Incite Community,

This is an exciting time to be building a company that tackles climate change.

It feels like every day, we’re seeing new companies emerge, or raise major fundraising rounds, to tackle enormous challenges facing our environment. And that’s a good thing – the climate problem is huge, it’s urgent, and it’s packed with opportunities to help people while building lucrative businesses.

At Incite, we believe this is exactly the type of problem that venture capital is best used for. At its best, creative capital drives innovation and helps entrepreneurs tackle big, important problems. This is also why Incite has been an early, long-term investor in climate tech companies for years.

Innovation in climate technology covers an ever-growing range of applications. It’s about so much more than deeply technical scientific innovation (although that’s a very important part).

Last week, two startups in the Incite portfolio announced their next round of funding. They speak to a broad range of new technologies, and how widely the push to “green” our economy will take us. We’re thrilled to watch them take the next step. Feel free to shoot us a note if you'd like to learn more.

Antora Energy is working on one such enormous challenge – industrial heat and power – because it’s the single greatest source of greenhouse gas emissions on our planet. Industrial plants lack a cost-effective solution to store energy, and renewable sources of energy like wind and solar can be intermittent – so they turn to dirty sources like gas and coal.

Batteries are a possible solution. But they’re expensive, and they’re typically only sufficient for a few hours of power at a time. Industrial plants need a better energy storage option. Antora has developed a clean solution for industrial plants that provides on-demand heat and power – and at a lower cost than their fossil fuel competitors.

Antora’s solution works like a toaster. Inside the toaster, they heat blocks of carbon until they glow. This thermal energy is then delivered on-demand to customers as electricity or industrial process heat at temperatures up to 1500°C. And they do this at a lower cost compared to traditional on-demand energy options like fossil fuels. This makes it possible (and profitable) to fully rely on renewable energy sources for industrial processes. Read more on CNBC.

Rubi Labs is working on another big challenge – sustainability in the fashion industry. Fashion is a huge contributor to CO2 pollution. That’s why Rubi is developing lab-grown fabrics for fashion, and building the world’s most sustainable supply chains for people and the planet. They do this by capturing greenhouse gasses and transforming them into the textiles brands use to make clothing.
Rubi’s textiles are the same as what brands use today. They make a carbon-negative viscose which can act as a drop-in replacement to the existing supply chain. A single pair of jeans made with Rubi fabric removes CO2 from the atmosphere, and uses virtually no water or land. You can read more about their efforts in Vogue Business.
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Our communities’ ability to vote is under attack like we have not seen in over a generation. While the Senate may have failed to pass the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act in January, the fight is far from over and this issue is still unbelievably important. To get the message out about how these attacks on our democracy hurt our community, APIAVote has launched a new social media campaign: #AAPIsForVotingRights.

This campaign will uplift messages from AAPI voters and their experiences with voting: how voting-by-mail has helped them, how they faced voter discrimination at the polls, and more. By sharing these experiences, APIAVote intends to educate our fellow Americans that we are in the fight for voting rights – and our rights are at stake.


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