February 09 2022
Team Incite

Investing in Zero Acre Farms

February 09 2022
Team Incite
Zero Acre Farms

February 8, 2022
Incite Community,

Just last week, Zero Acre Farms announced their plans to brew up a new category of healthy oils and fats. Incite is so excited to support them and the enormous industry they're disputing. 

Vegetable oils — which in the last hundred years have become the most consumed food in the world after rice and wheat — are destroying our planet, and our health.

�� Ulet Ifansasti / Greenpeace

They’re destroying our planet because they’ve led to massive deforestation. Producing vegetable oils requires an enormous amount of space and resources, and is an extremely inefficient use of land.

They’re also destroying our health because rates of obesity, chronic disease, and diabetes have surged alongside growth in oil consumption.

But can a startup take on such a major problem? Face big food companies? And change such widespread consumer taste and behavior?

We believe that a new company, one that’s willing to upend the way cooking oils are typically made and delivered to consumers, is exactly what a problem of this scale and complexity requires. And when we found one that’s using an innovative new method of production (fermentation!) and appealing directly to consumers with its mission, it was game on. 

That’s why we're excited to support Zero Acre Farms on their mission to tackle this massive and important challenge. Zero Acre Farms is creating a new category of healthy oils and fats made via synthetic biology. Their new oils are already similar in cost to premium oils like avocado oil or extra virgin olive oil — making them a healthier and more sustainable alternative.

Read more about the Zero Acre Farms mission and plans on their website and in TechCrunch.

We’re looking forward to a future when inefficient and unsustainable use of our land, and the mass production of foodstuff that isn’t healthy, is a thing of the past.
Incite Nonprofit

How school districts can use COVID relief funds to advance healthy, green schools
Undaunted K-12

UndauntedK12 released Five Guiding Principles, the leading guidance on the opportunity to advance healthy, green schools with COVID relief funds.

In recent COVID relief funding, the Federal government has approved $176 billion for K-12 schools. The one-time nature of these funds makes them an excellent fit for durable investments in facilities that will provide long-term health benefits and financial savings.

So far, the resource has approximately 1,500 unique downloads and was produced in collaboration with the Center for Green Schools at the US Green Building Council.


Incite Start-up

Helping farmers gain access to grants for low-carbon farming

FarmRaise, the full-stack financial services platform for farmers, has just announced a $7.2M seed led by Susa Ventures.

Incite is proud to support the FarmRaise mission to scale sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices across America through connecting farmers with financing for soil health projects like cover crops, no-till, and holistic grazing.

The company was founded in 2020 by Stanford GSB students Sami Tellatin and Jayce Hafner, along with co-founder Albert Abedi. On the platform, farmers can match with and apply for funding to make their farms more sustainable and profitable.

FarmRaise has acquired 9.5K farmers on its platform and recently closed distribution partnerships with F500 companies like Cargill and Corteva. In 2022, FarmRaise plans to build 5 major programs onto the FarmRaise platform to unlock funding for on-farm renewable energy, Organic and Grass-fed certifications, and market research to grow farm operations.


Incite Start-up

‘Kind at Home’, a new type of at-home fertility testing

Kindbody, a leading fertility and family-building care company, recently announced the launch of Kind at Home, a consumer products division to support people across their entire reproductive journey, beginning with simple-to-use at-home fertility hormone tests for both women and men. 

The Kind at Home fertility test kit provides families with comprehensive information about their fertility status from the convenience of home with personalized recommendations by Kindbody physicians that can be carried to the patient's virtual or in-person clinic appointment.


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