December 15 2020
Incite Holiday Gift Guide

Incite Holiday Gift Guide 2020

December 15 2020
Incite Holiday Gift Guide

December 15, 2020
Dear readers,

It is with the utmost excitement that we present you with the second annual Incite Holiday Gift Guide.

We have selected these companies, because they not only create wonderful items and services, but they always strive towards world-positive change – whether that be creating ethically sourced, everyday jewelry or a plastic-free grocery store or a sustainably sourced meat marketplace. 

We’re proud to partner with these teams and to highlight them during this season of giving.

May we be able to celebrate in person with you soon! Until then, be well and happy holidays.

The Incite Team


It’s about time your toothbrush retired.

Recently named one of the TIME Best Inventions of 2020, Willo is an automated oral care robot designed to replace the toothbrush and give everyone a dynamically consistent clean. 

Pre-order Willo and be one of the first to use this groundbreaking product!

Core Meditation Trainer

Core is a personal meditation trainer that uses dynamic vibrations, synced with each class, to help you stay present for deeper practice. Core is meditation you can feel, offering something for everything that’s on your mind: guided meditations, breath training and sound and music accompanied by background vibrations. 

This year, give the gift of calm and focus to yourself or to a loved one. 

Delta Trainer

Do you or your loved ones have New Year’s resolutions? Us too.

Delta Trainer is here to help. Unlimited training for just $2 per day, Delta Trainer is an app that matches you with a trainer based on your personal needs and workout goals, sends you welcome kit complete with an Apple Watch,
schedules a workout during the initial video call with your trainer and helps you track and improve workouts via AI and live trainer feedback.

Don’t wait until Jan. 1 to start working on those resolutions! Get Delta Trainer today.

Visolis Hand Sanitizing Serum

Raise your hand if it's drier than ever! Not only is the average hand sanitizer rough on your hands: those micro abrasions on your hands that may leave you more susceptible to bacteria and viruses.

Enter Visolis Hydrating Hand Sanitizer: an especially relevant stocking stuffer this year whose a one-of-a-kind plant-based, pH-balanced and moisturizing formulation that helps fight germs while improving skin hydration and health.

The key ingredient is mevalonolactone, a clinically proven ingredient derived from plants and used in high-end cosmetics to increase hydration and improve your skin barrier. Stay healthy, friends!

Routier, SF

Our friend John Paul Carmona is an extraordinary chef who bravely opened his first restaurant in August to rave reviews. From his salmon pavé and tomato tonato to the decadent desserts, every bite from Routier is as elegant and special as it is delicious and comforting. 

Get your loved ones the priceless gift of a night off from pots and pans for once...and get yourself a chocolate mousse while you’re at it!
Moonshot Snacks

Take a bite out of climate change, one tasty snack at a time. With each bite of these climate-friendly treats, you will be taking part in a movement that’s helping to tackle climate change. Talk about guilt-free snacking!

Get a box of the very first Moonshot crackers here!

Uncle Matt's Organics
This holiday season, add Uncle Matt’s Organics to your festive brunches. We have been loving Ultimate Immune in particular.

It’s an immune system superboost with organic orange juice, elderberry, 300% of your RDA for Vitamin C, 50% Vitamin D and 24% Zinc for immune and wellness support. Try a glass!
Beyond Broth
When it gets cold outside, there’s nothing like a cup of something warm. Beyond Broth makes instant, organic vegan broth with wellness herbs to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Check out the recipe blog for fun, delicious and nutritious holiday dish ideas like sweet potato casserole or turkey brine!
Crowd Cow

For the carnivores, pescatarians and pollotarians in your life, there is Crowd Cow, this year – featuring all new corporate packages, which are perfect gifts for your team’s dinner tables.

We love Crowd Cow, because we know exactly what farm the meat comes from, how it was raised and how it was treated. Assemble holiday boxes for your colleagues today!
Zero Grocery

Zero Grocery is the country’s first plastic-free grocery store. You read that right.

Need almond cashew nog? Zero has it. Need all the ingredients for a last minute family meal? Zero has got you covered there with next day delivery. Need reusable bags for leftovers? Zero to the rescue. 

In your holiday planning, give yourself the gift of a Zero membership – delicious, fresh, organic groceries and absolutely no single-use plastic. Good for you. Good for the planet. Starting in Northern California and expanding very soon -- check out where they deliver today and let Zero Grocery know you’re interested in their goods here!


The Mejuri line has expanded to include fine jewelry for him. This everyday collection is perfect for the friends and partners in our lives. Check out these insanely cool new pieces that won’t break the bank!

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