March 12 2019

Incite Post, March 9 2021

March 12 2019

March 9, 2021
Dear readers,

Welcome to March! It’s Women’s History Month and we’re taking the next two issues of Incite Post to highlight the amazing women in our portfolio who are running for office, starting mission-driven businesses and fighting for paid family and medical leave for everyone. 

We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know these phenomenal leaders and their work as much as we love supporting them!

Incite Start-up

Nearby Launches in Oakland

Nearby is founded on a simple premise: People want to shop from stores near them, run by people in their community.  The pandemic has decimated so many small businesses, but we know that the local pet shops, plant shops, hardware stores and more are so important to the lasting lifeblood of a community. Nearby is the way for brick-and-mortars to connect with online shoppers; it is the way to shop your local stores online.

We’re thrilled to be an investor in this new venture by our friend and trail-blazing startup builder, April Underwood. Her team’s mission to keep small businesses alive in our neighborhoods is so important. 

Nominate your town and read April’s inaugural blog post!

Incite Non-profit

Paid Leave, U.S.: We Need a New Normal

Over the last year, all of our lives changed. There has never been a more important time to care for ourselves and our families. Especially during a pandemic that has forced women out of the workforce in record numbers in large due to the competing demands of caregiving at home and working. 

When we get sick, we need to be able to stay home and keep our co-workers safe.  When our loved ones need to be cared for, we need to be able to be there for them without worrying if we’ll get a paycheck or lose our jobs. Now more than ever, we need paid family and medical leave for every working person.

Right now, Incite grantee Paid Leave, U.S. is in a critical sprint: Congress must include emergency paid leave in the American Rescue Plan, as proposed by President Biden. As we continue to confront the immediate needs and fallout from COVID-19, there has never been a more important time to pass paid leave. Working people and their families can’t be negotiated out of this bill.

You can learn more about the campaign at and watch the video below.

Incite Candidate
Jennifer Carroll Foy Leave No Part of Virginia Behind

Candidate for VA-Governor, Jennifer Carroll Foy introduced a comprehensive plan to expand broadband access to every corner of Virginia. Her plan aims to ensure 97% of Virginians have access to high speed internet by the end of her administration so that every Virginian has access to opportunity, no matter where they live in the Commonwealth. 

“I remember as a girl growing up in Petersburg, we couldn’t bring home books and materials for our school work, and this simply cut us off from opportunity,” said Jenn, “That’s exactly what this boils down to — a lack of access to the internet is a lack of access to opportunity. It’s being held back by no fault of your own. Access to the internet today means access to healthcare, better jobs, education, and so much more. As Governor, I pledge to expand rural broadband so no family is held back.”...KEEP READING.

At Incite, we focus our political efforts on new-generation leaders like Jenn who are running to make the government work for more Americans. We hope you’ll consider supporting her and telling everyone you know about her historic race for Governor of Virginia.

Incite Start-up

Mejuri: International Women's Day Campaign

When Mejuri'sounder, Noura Sakkijha, walked into our co-founder, Swati’s office on Sand Hill Road a number of years ago, very few people would take a meeting with her. Swati did and immediately believed in the vision Noura shared: sustainably-made jewelry at accessible price points with the overarching message that women can and should be empowered to buy jewelry for themselves.

Since then, Mejuri has dominated the DTC jewelry market, regularly dropping fresh new designs and championing the empowerment that comes with buying jewelry for oneself.

Recently, Mejuri announced two new initiatives: the brand’s first foray outside of jewelry, with the launch of apparel styles, and a weeks-long campaign leading up to International Women’s Day in March

The apparel consists of soft jersey sweatshirts embroidered with the word “Golden” in gold thread. They correspond with the campaign, called “Golden Together,” which is centered on the idea of women helping women. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sweatshirt sales will go to the Mejuri Empowerment Fund that was established in June 2020 and supports education for women and non-binary people. Mejuri donated $120,000 to the fund last year and is committing an additional $120,000 in step with the campaign...KEEP READING.

Incite Start-up

Kindbody Expanding to Los Altos, CA and Atlanta, GA

We invested in Kindbody, because we believe with founder Gina Bartasi that everyone should have access to convenient, affordable fertility and family-building care. 

The healthcare system and your own personal health journey can be incredibly daunting. Kindbody makes the process of going to the doctor more intuitive and empowering with services ranging from fertility treatments, including IVF and egg freezing, to gynecology, wellness, and LGBTQ+ care.

This month, Kindbody announced the opening of new clinics in Los Altos, CA and Atlanta, GA. These new locations will offer the full spectrum of fertility and gynecologic care, with experienced physicians and state-of-the-art IVF laboratories. 

Congrats, Kindbody team! We’re excited to see how you continue to make high quality, compassionate health care accessible to everyone.

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