October 06 2020
Team Incite

Spirit of Change

October 06 2020
Team Incite

October 6, 2020
Dear readers,

Change is in the air: autumnal lattes, new school year and, this year, voting season!

In the spirit of change, we’re trying something a little different here with the Incite Post. You will now see us in your inbox every other Tuesday at 7:00 AM Pacific Time.

There is so much good happening in and around our Incite community that gives us hope and optimism. We could all use more of that these days! We’ll be sending a round-up of events, news items and social posts as a way to stay connected even as we all continue to social distance. And if you have news you think we should share, let us know.

Stay safe + stay healthy,
Team Incite

P.S. If you have any questions about any of the organizations mentioned, feel free to reach out to Taylor at

Incite Ventures
AFROTECH: Zero Grocery Raises $4.7M

Since Zero Grocery’s inception, founder Zuleyka Strasner has tirelessly championed the company’s sustainability message, from pitching to countless investors to building up her team.

Strasner, believing that the country needed more eco-friendly efforts to clean up the planet, honed in on building an e-commerce food brand consumers could be proud to indulge in...KEEP READING.

Place your order with Zero Grocery next-day delivery – we have been loving the fresh fall produce!

Incite Ventures

BuiltIn: Tempo Automation Named One of the Top Semiconductor Companies to Know

Excellence in semiconductor tech is only achievable through the continuous research of professionals pushing the boundaries of what our devices can offer us. These are the 21 semiconductor companies proving that the next piece of life-changing technology is just a breakthrough away...KEEP READING.

Want to work at a company that has world-positive impact? Tempo is hiring!

Incite Ventures

Fortune Impact 20: AMP Robotics

Where some people see trash, Amp Robotics sees gold. The startup’s founder and CEO, Matanya Horowitz, aims to build a big business in the global waste management market, which the company estimates amounts to $500 billion annually. The hope is that the company’s artificial intelligence technologies will modernize an old-school recycling industry that’s far from efficient...KEEP READING,

Congratulations, Matanya and team, on a well-deserved recognition!  Check out Amp Robotics today.

Incite Labs

Activate Fellowship: Open for Applications

Activate is a two year fellowship to turn a technology concept into a product. Fellows receive a yearly living stipend plus a health insurance stipend and travel allowance. Tailored for scientists and engineers and delivered on a weekly basis, the Activate startup curriculum includes sessions on core business and product development concepts, VIP speakers, skill development workshops, and shared learning from other fellows and alumni.

Activate facilitates connections between fellows and our broad network of industry executives, investors, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and other experts from academia, industry, government, and finance—any of whom can serve as advisors or partners.

Apply today. Not sure yet? Attend an Activate event.

Incite Politics
TIME: I Was Just Denied Clemency in the State of Florida

Desmond Meade runs the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, which has been fighting for the right to vote to be restored to over 1M returning citizens in Florida. A former felon himself, Desmond went before the state’s clemency board to request a formal pardon last week. He was denied. But he continues his work to lead one of the largest civil rights expansion fights in America since the 1960s.

Today, I went before the Florida clemency board — the governor and his cabinet —and I had an opportunity to explain why I should be granted clemency, why my civil rights should be restored and why I should be made whole as a citizen. My petition was deferred. I was told to continue to wait — that I still need to prove I am worthy of my inalienable rights, that I am still not whole in their eyes...KEEP READING.

And did you catch Desmond sharing his story and FRRC’s work on 60 Minutes

Support Desmond Meade and Florida Rights Restoration Coalition to restore full rights to returning citizens.

Majority54: Abortion, Lindsey Graham and Bill Barr

Once upon a time, our co-founder Swati sent Jason Kander (then-candidate for a Missouri Senate seat) an email about an organization (called Arena) that she had just started with a longtime friend, Ravi Gupta

Fast forward four years: Ravi and Jason are friends and co-hosts for a podcast which speaks to the 54% of Americans who did not vote for our current administration. Each week, they tackle the nation’s most pressing issues, giving listeners the tools necessary to successfully have conversations across the aisle. 

This week, Swati joined the pod to discuss the Supreme Court vacancy and how it could affect healthcare and abortion access. Plus, Lindsey Graham exceeds expectations and Swati breaks down how to most effectively contribute to campaigns. 

Take a listen!

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