April 07 2020
Team Incite

Our 2020 Pledge Update: $200K to House and Senate

April 07 2020
Team Incite

When we made our public commitment to invest $2 million in progressive candidates and political infrastructure for this election cycle, we didn’t yet realize the overwhelming and far-reaching impact that the COVID-19 pandemic would have across our country and our world, and in American political life. 

Today, we are pledging $200,000 to invest in nearly 60 key U.S. Senate and House of Representatives candidates. 


This is a critical year to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. The investments aim to help flip the U.S. Senate majority by backing candidates who can pick up critical seats if properly resourced, and to defend the hard-won Democratic majorities in the U.S. House. is making significant contributions to over 58 such candidates. A list of candidates included in’s contributions is attached below (New Generation Candidates 2020), with significant contributions to:


The investments will center around new generation candidates and prioritize leaders who reflect the demographics of our country – particularly women and candidates of color. We will also focus on candidates motivated to unite their communities around shared goals and challenges such as climate change, economic opportunity and equality. 


We are investing these dollars now, because pandemic-related changes and uncertainty make it harder for down-ballot candidates to reach new supporters and connect with voters. Candidates are now largely unable to travel for events, they face media coverage saturated with COVID-19 coverage and incoming funds are slowing amidst the global economic uncertainty. Now is the time to contribute to down ballot races when dollars can be truly catalytic to an up-and-coming candidate. The contributions made now will reverberate into November.


COVID-19 has highlighted the unfortunate lack of competence and compassion in the White House and on the Hill. We have seen too many instances of Republican politicians putting their stock options ahead of working families most in need. We need true public servants in office. This moment in history begs for a new generation–a new generation that is poised and ready to make change. 


Democrats have the opportunity to break through the chaos that the current administration has wrought, and bring widespread change in November.  Our hope is that Incite’s pledge will both help candidates as well as inspire other donors to continue to invest during this time of great uncertainty. 


There’s a lot that we don’t have answers to right now. There is so much at risk for so many Americans. But there’s also so much good that can be done to keep us safe and make the future better. And’s commitment to driving political change and better leadership remains.


We will continue to share more about our efforts to support candidates not only financially, but through new outreach methods in the coming weeks. 

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DOWNLOAD the full list here: Incite Change Candidates 2020

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