July 26 2019

RHODES AHEAD PODCAST: Interview with Swati Mylavarapu

July 26 2019

While speaking at the 2019 Rhodes Venture Forum in Oxford, Incite co-founder Swati Mylavarapu was featured on the RHODES AHEAD PODCAST.


Swati talks about her time as a Rhodes Scholar as well as the gravity with which one should consider entering business partnerships – how these relationships can change the trajectory of your life and impact you beyond what you could ever have imagined. The episode will send you off on your weekend feeling inspired, motivated and empowered.


Check out Episode 1 of the RHODES AHEAD PODCAST on Soundcloud




July 29, 2019

"Who you end up in business partnership with is probably one of the most important decisions that you can make.” Out today is the first of six podcast episodes on building sustainable venture ecosystems, recorded at the recent #RhodesVenture19 Forum. Swati Mylavarapu, co-founder of @incitedotorg, talks us through her time at, the start-ups Quid and Square, as well as, the business she co-founded. Swati also talks about how to decide who to go into business with."
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